Can Software to Increase Workplace Productivity & Efficiency?

Implementing Software to Increase Workplace Productivity & Efficiency

The smaller the business the more urgent the need to cut waste and streamline operations, but the need is present in businesses of all sizes. Greater efficiency means improved productivity and getting the most out of resources, therefore it is important to look at all avenues by which an enterprise may do either of those things. Workforce management, hiring, and time management are areas in which inefficiency can tie up resources and, coincidentally, are all areas in which using the right software can have a tremendous impact.

Technology, computers in particular, has been shown to have tangible effects on productivity, both in the long and short term. The study, Computing Productivity: Firm-Level Evidence by Erik Brynjolfsson from 2003 clearly showed this. With technology being as crucial it is to the modern enterprise, it is one of the first areas in which the owner of a small business should focus their efforts when seeking increased productivity. The use of software is a common factor across different businesses, regardless of industry or size. In one way or another, most businesses rely on software to provide their service or a product; if they do not, then they probably should. Finding and implementing the right software solutions is an excellent way for a company to maximize its effectiveness.

Improving Productivity With Smart Software Implementation

Software solutions are available that have been designed for the needs of specific industries. For example, there is software made specifically for the construction business that is made to meet the needs of that industry. An example would be an application like Candy Project Control Software, which makes the work of estimating and planning a project a much less tedious process and so less time is spent on it. Many restaurants have left behind the old way of taking paper orders and have moved towards electronic POS systems where the process of taking orders and printing checks has been made faster and more accurate. For the business that is focused on improving efficiency, there may already be industry-specific programs out there that are not being utilized. In addition to this, there are needs that are present across the spectrum of business and the software solutions for those as well.

Time Management and Getting Work Done

Technology comes with a big downside, namely the rise of distractions. Smart-phones, social networking, and games are all insidious, habit-forming time wasters. Time-wasting is one problem that may affect any type of business, of any size. Even self-employed individual owners of a small business with a workforce of one can find themselves struggling to efficiently manage their time. With time management software it is possible to gauge the amount of time employees spend working and how much time they spend doing other things online, like surfing the Internet. Monitoring a staff’s productivity is not the only use of this, as individuals who want to improve their own productivity can use it to motivate themselves to spend less time goofing off and more doing work.

Mobile Productivity is More than Just Email

Distraction is not the only function of mobile phones in the workplace, they can be productivity aids as well. Apps for the major mobile operating systems are available that enable the user to perform tasks that previously could only be done while in an office and seated at a computer. Email has long been a feature available on cellphones, but these days it is possible to work with spreadsheets, create PowerPoint presentations, as well as edit documents. People in retail and food service can get the night’s receipts on their smartphone, directly from their POS system; those in other industries can get similar services from countless other industry-specific mobile apps. This means that work can be done while away from the workplace and that emergencies and errors can dealt with immediately and remotely.

Better Hiring Using the Right Software

Hiring software that sifts through resumes looking for the right applicants has been in use by larger companies for some time. This software looks for keywords in the same manner that search engines do in order to find relevant sites. These programs are faster and more efficient than a human resources worker would be if attempting to do the same work manually. Some companies are even taking it a step further by creative videogame-style environments that show which workers are better able to function in a particular work environment. This is old fashioned aptitude testing that has been updated to work with new technology. Rather than entirely replace a concept, using the right software allows it to be refined and streamlined for maximum effectiveness.

The Benefits of Updated Software

Not all software solutions involve adopting new software or changing methods altogether. In some cases, simply using the latest version can make a big difference. In most cases newer software does all the tasks of the old, only better and faster. In fact, new software is almost guaranteed to come with fixes for the major flaws in the last version. If it does not then there is usually at least one alternative that does. In addition to this, it may have solutions for needs that have come about since the old version was released. Security and the problems that arise with insecure software are another reason to do this.

Software is only one element to workplace productivity & efficiency. Without teamwork, software means little!

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  • Glacier Digital

    I’m not sure about software specifically, but I know we just got a networked sound masking system installed in our office. I had never really heard of sound masking before we were approached by this company, but the big draw was increased productivity.

    It’s one of those things you don’t really notice until it’s not there, but the fact it can be controlled via software to be at different levels in different areas of the office is pretty cool.

    People seem to be less distracted and phone conversations don’t disturb people nearly as much now. Worth taking a look. I think the service we use is called

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