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iPhone’s Potential: Five Ways to get the Most out of Your Phone

Five ways to Unleash the iPhone’s Potential

iphone's potentialEver since the iPhone first came out, I have carried one with me wherever I go. More than just stylish or a status symbol, they are genuinely useful for getting things done. They can be used to play games or check reviews for a restaurant. I even keep all my friends and business numbers exclusively on my iPhone, allowing me to remove duplicate contacts on my computer. It’s great having one handy gadget to keep everything organized. But the iPhone can be a drain on time and productivity if you allow it. I’ve figured out 5 main ways that I get the most from the iPhone’s potential. I think they will prove useful to everyone else as well.

There’s An App For That: The App Store is one of the things that really sets the iPhone apart. There are hundreds of thousands of apps for everything I can possibly need. From connecting to client information on my work computer to finding the nearest Chinese restaurant, I can do it all if I have the right app for the job.

Keep Up To Date: Being able to connect through either the 3G network or wi-fi connection is a great feature of the iPhone. As long as I have reception, I can connect to the internet. This can be a lifesaver if I’m in a meeting or just need to know the current sports score. These days, I would feel lost if I couldn’t stay connected.

Connect Remotely: Speaking of staying connected, I can use my iPhone to connect remotely to the database of client information on my work computer. I use this all the time when I am meeting with a client or working from home. Telecommuting is a breeze when I can just pull the information into my iPhone.

Store Your Contacts In One Place: I keep nearly everything I need to know on my iPhone, from phone numbers to to-do lists. It’s great to have everything in the palm of my hand for easy access. However, the frequent uploading and downloading of information can occasionally cause multiple versions of information to stockpile on my computer. I often remove duplicate contacts from my computer to keep it streamlined and neat.

Tethering: The iPhone has a great feature which allows you to connect it wirelessly to you computer and use the iPhone just like a wireless modem to connect to the internet via the 3G phone network. Most people don’t know this feature is built in and it can be very handy when you are in an area with no wi-fi available.

Staying connected is one of the best things about the iPhone, you can always stay in contact with your friends and family. However, if I have to use my home phone, I have to search through several different numbers to find the one I want. This is why I used software to remove duplicate contacts from my Address Book and merge them all into one master list for easy reference. I recommend everyone remove duplicate contacts because it is so easy to do and saves so much time trying to find the right number.

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