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7 Tips on Establishing Positive Daily Routines

Establishing Positive Daily Routines!

positive daily routinesIf you’re constantly overwhelmed and feeling disorganized, it is time to establish some good habits and get yourself a positive daily routine that works for you and takes advantages of your strengths and weaknesses. Here are some tips to help you get into positive daily routines.
Tip 1 Identify your Peak Hours: There are specific times of day where people can do their best work. Most people already have a general idea of when they are more productive and have more energy and ability to focus.

For example, you may already know if you’re a morning or a night person, but there may also be a few hours during the morning or afternoon that are also particularly good for you. That is why you should take a couple of days to pay close attention to your energy and focus levels as the day goes on.

Tip 2 Identify your Slow Hours: Everyone also has times of day where they struggle to stay on task. Some people may even get sleepy, especially after lunch or before dinner. In some cultures, long breaks are in everyone’s schedule during these times!

Tip 3 Plan Challenging Tasks During Your Peak Hours: Now that you know when your peak hours of productivity are, rearrange your schedule as best as you can to maximize your hours. Plan to work on challenging tasks during those times and you will get a lot accomplished. This is probably the most important key for success in forming your good habits.

Tip 4 Plan Easy Tasks during slow hours: Plan easier tasks or take your breaks during your slower times. There is no sense in trying to work on your most difficult assignments during a time you know you will struggle to focus. You may not be able to take a two-hour siesta, but if you can, that might really behoove you. If not, you can probably at least count on doing your easier work during your down time.

Tip 5 Be Flexible: Flexibility is one of many good habits you can work on when establishing your daily routines. Having a framework for the day will help keep you on task, but when things come up and you have to change your schedule, don’t stress. If you have been forming good habits with regard to scheduling your day, interruptions should not completely set back your work schedule.

Tip 6 Stay on Task: I know — I just told you to be flexible. However, that should be in regards to outside interruptions or emergencies. Once you have the advantage of a schedule that is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, stick to it as much as possible to maximize your productivity. Then, when circumstances beyond your control interfere with your schedule, you will be able to handle the interruptions.

Tip 7 Streamline Your Contacts: One final tip for your list of new good habits is to remove duplicate contacts from your email address books or any other application that has contact lists. You can use software applications to do all the work for you.

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Using either The Pomodoro Method or Results Curve will also help with establishing your positive daily routines.

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