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Small Business CRM: Zoho’s Inventory Management

ZOHO’s Inventory Management

The Zoho CRM goes beyond what you would get with more traditional CRM. The difference here is the amount of tools and options available to the user. It seems that the Zoho CRM is all about ease and flexibility for the consumer. As a starting business owner, I feel that the last thing you would want to deal with is with an impossible-to-use-CRM.


The Zoho CRM is capable of handling both Pre-sale and Post-sale activities into one single application unlike the products of other vendors. This seamless integration is also present in many other options. The Zoho CRM gives you the option to manage your products with complete control. The product page layout is customized in any desired fashion to fit the needs of your business. These options include the following:

  • Product-specific documents are integrated into the page layout.
  • The ability to export your product information to more widely used programs such as Microsoft Excel and Open Office.
  • Product links to Price Book, which, as the name implies, gives you the price information on all your products specific to each vendor.


Additionally, the Zoho CRM has a fairly advanced Sales Quote system. The system will allow you to track sales quotes and select different prices based on the vendor. Printer friendliness is always an issue with CRM systems, but the Zoho allows for very streamlined and easy printing experience. From the Sales Quote page you can:

  • Create an Invoice or Sales Order very easily.
  • Automatically display the Terms of Condition and the Shipping and Handling information to avoid duplication.
  • Customize the page layout which allows a company to give itself a unique appearance, is fully supported.


Again, integration and feasibility is key. The Order Management page allows you to track your orders with great ease so you know what is shipped and what needs to be shipped. This page also allows you to:

  • Manage up-to-date stock in an integrated fashion.
  • Customize your page according to your company’s image and purpose.
  • Use similar options that are also available on the Sales Quote page such as the single-click Invoice option.
  • Keep the stock available to share-holders, for a more organized and streamlined process.
  • To print with ease.


The purpose of the Zoho CRM is to give a workable, comprehensible, and enjoyable experience to small business consumers who are looking to get organized and integrate themselves fully in the business world. Finally, there is the Invoice Management page which allows you to make and distribute invoices with great ease. This page allows you to:

  • Track your invoices in a very straightforward and clear way. No need to search among thousands of files to find one invoice.
  • Customize your invoices in any fashion, from the way it’s printed to the watermark you use.
  • Include Billing and Shipment information and the Terms of Condition

In conclusion, the Zoho CRM seems like a very good option for people looking to start a business or to small business owners wishing to organize themselves. Each page of the Zoho CRM has features designed to create an easy experience for the consumer and promote the well-being of the business.

In addition to Inventory Management, ZOHO also provides a variety of reports and configurable dashboards.

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