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Energizing Your Employees and Boosting Morale!

Boosting Morale and Energizing Your Employees!

Boosting Morale: When dealing with a group of employees there are several things that can be done to keep morale up. Keeping morale up will ensure higher production, higher quality, and of course a great working environment.

The first and foremost part of morale would be to know your employees personally. When we take orders from someone it helps if the boss knows us personally and we are not just a number to them. Recognize personal accomplishments and birthdays. Congratulate those who reach milestones. Acknowledge those who are improving or going the extra mile.

The second part would be Employee Relations. Do employees know how to contact a supervisor if needed? Be sure there are clear instructions about open door policies or the chain of command. When employees know these things, they are more comfortable in the environment.

Have company picnics, or ceremonies: Involve the employees in all aspects from planning food, to where it happens. This makes it more of a family event.

Be sure that the focus for the company future involves each and every employee: When deciding to update or write a new mission statement or creed, involve the employees. This motivates them to be involved in the future.

Implement an employee bonus program based on quality, production and attitude: If there is no current employee of the month program, start one. Earning titles such as that one plays an important part of self accomplishment.

Be on their team: When things get rough, assure them that it is a team and not an individual atmosphere. People tend to rise to the occasion when there is a team atmosphere. Allow others and encourage others to work along side of those who may be having a rough day. Instead of meetings, have an occasional pep rally or motivational and recognition ceremony.

Avoid cutbacks and layoffs if possible: Try not to make public bad instances and terminations. When a person is being terminated, try to do so in private and in such a manner that gossip will not spread throughout the workplace.

Be sure the working environment is as comfortable as possible: Keep the place clean, organized, and safe. The temperature should be at a point that it is comfortable. There should be clean, in good order equipment and up to date furnishings. Vending, coffee and a water fountain are always good things.

Be sure to have policies that allow employees to have room for advancement: When someone has a level that they can work to it helps motivate them. Promotions are more important than money according to surveys.

When doing a community project, involve employees: People tend to take pride in volunteering and it boosts self confidence when they feel an accomplishment. Be sure to recognize them when they do.

Show loyalty: When employees see that loyalty is practiced, they tend to be more loyal, and motivated to do anything they can for their employer.

And with everything an employer does, nothing beats a personal recognition: Avoid typed letters with stamped names. Hand write thank you notes, and award letters.

Boosting Morale Among Your Employee’s Benefits You, Your Business and Your Employees!

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