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Quickly Removing Duplicate Contacts with Scrubly!

Quickly & Easily Remove Duplicate Contacts using Scrubly!

scrublyEliminating one more hassle from modern everyday life is Scrubly.com. This innovative online application lets anyone quickly and easily clean up their email address book(s). Use it to get rid of duplicate, junk, and mismatched contacts, plus integrate those containing identical elements.

Scrubly uses cloud computing to accomplish this simple yet so important task, no matter if you use one or all of the following email platforms:

  • In MS Outlook you can scrub one or all of your folders, clear out duplicates in all or any PST files, and supports Microsoft Exchange folders (even public contacts). Scrubly is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems from NT through 7. Outlook versions include 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010 (the only non-compatible version is Outlook Express).
  • You can easily clean up email contacts in a Mac address book to eliminate formatting mistakes, conflicting data and duplicate contacts. Operating systems supported are both the 10.5 Leopard OSX and newer, and the 10.6 Snow Leopard OSX.
  • GMail from google will also tidy up nicely with Scrubly. Fix formatting errors, get rid of any duplicate contacts and straighten out any conflicts. Scrubly works incredibly well to de-clutter the contacts in your Google Apps address book as well.

The secrets to Scrubly’s success are its unique method and powerful algorithm that quickly compare each field of an address book contact. Whether it’s exact duplicates, closely matched contacts, or conflicting data, Scrubly is designed to find and flag the problem contacts for your perusal, prior to deletion.

The “Conflict Resolution Wizard” speeds up the entire process by identifying and eliminating the commonly found error patterns that are the result of syncing various platforms. The Wizard also takes care of mis-matched data across contact fields. Doing this work manually would be a horrible, time-consuming project!

With the above email platforms, Scrubly backs up your contact data before beginning a clean up. This backup is kept on the Scrubly server, so if you need to reload your previous settings it’s easily accomplished; you never lose your information even after a de-cluttering is complete.

In addition to ease of use, a very important consideration is data security, and Scrubly has that well under control. They use a sophisticated combination of complex password requirements, multiple server locations across the country (Seattle, Dallas and DC), server firewalls, and 128-Bit SSL encryption.

Just like the clean up process itself, setting up Scrubly is fast and efficient. The first step is to sign up with a username, your email and a unique password. Next, set up your Scrubly profile by choosing what type(s) of email address book platform you’d like to de-clutter. If you’re a Mac or Outlook user you’ll need to install a small client file. Then you just hit “process” and while you watch, Scrubly resolves conflicts, merges matches and eliminates duplicate contacts. The final step is to “update” and the newly tidied contact list is imported into your email address book(s). It’s that simple!

You should go to http://www.scrubly.com and take this uber-convenient email clean-up tool for a test drive. You won’t have to pay a dime to try it out – Scrubly offers a trial version that will clean up to 250 contacts! Once you’ve tried it – you’ll love it!

As business professionals, Scrubly can be used for your professional contact lists as well! Next we talk about implementing Social Media Policies in the Workplace.

Small Business CRM: Zoho’s CRM with Email

Zoho CRM Software For Your Small Business

zohoAs a business owner and operator, you probably know how critical it is to have proper communication and interaction with your customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is of the utmost importance when it comes to running a successful business operation. This not only involves the personal side of dealing with your customers, but also the technical side, which is sometimes the most difficult to keep organized and up to date.

In addition to many other features, the Zoho Office Suite, a web-based office management package, has a feature that deals with CRM. This section of Zoho’s office suite now allows you to integrate e-mail conversations with your customers right into your CRM software, instead of having to run the two independent of each other. You are able to integrate your Zoho CRM software with any of your e-mail accounts, whether it is Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any other POP-based e-mail service.

One of the coolest features in the Zoho CRM software is a plug-in that works directly with Microsoft Outlook, making it possible to synchronize all of your customer contacts, calendars, and e-mails with the CRM program. Not only that, but you are able to share customer e-mails with your colleagues, and see a thread view of your e-mail conversations, all without leaving Zoho. Rather than having to use the CC feature in e-mail, you will be able to track your conversations with your customers within your CRM software. If there are only particular e-mails that you would like to share, you may do so, or keep certain messages private.

The following are many of the benefits that you will experience when using Zoho CRM with the Microsoft Outlook plug-in:

1. Sales Force Automation

  • *Leads
  • *Accounts
  • *Contacts
  • *Opportunities
  • *Sales pipeline
  • *Tasks
  • *Calendar
  • *Reminders

2. Marketing Automation

  • Campaigns
  • E-mail marketing
  • E-mail opt-out
  • Auto-responders

3. Customer Support and Service

  • Cases
  • Solutions
  • Business hours
  • Case escalation rules

4. Product Customization

  • Drag and drop page layouts
  • Standard industry fields
  • Custom fields
  • Search layouts

5. Reports and Dashboards

  • Pre-defined reports
  • Dashboards
  • Schedule
  • Reports
  • Customization of reports and dashboards

6. Web Forms

  • Capture leads
  • Contacts
  • Cases
  • Spam control
  • Multiple forms
  • Personalized-mail notifications

You can check out Zoho’s Office Suite for yourself, and see how it will improve the quality, efficiency, and productivity of your business, by checking out their website at: http://www.zoho.com/.

In addition to email integration, ZOHO also allows for Inventory Management for your small business.

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