Small Business CRM: Zoho’s Contact Management for Sales Force Automation

ZOHO Online Contact Management Software for SMB

contact managementYour business’s success depends on your customer base and your ability to communicate with them. Nothing is more important to your sales and services than being able to reach your clients. Which is why contact management is a key element to any small business’s growth.

What are contacts? Contacts are your business’s clients, its lifeblood. Whether its other businesses or vendors in a B2B capacity or straight to the consumer market with B2C, each distinct communication builds a relationship that if managed properly will your business opportunities for years.

What is contact management? In the digital age, a Rolodex simply isn’t practical. Neither is a piece of software for each aspect of dealing with clients. Zoho CRM’s Contact Management software streamlines the most important elements of client communication including basic contact information, calls, emails, meetings and even website interactions, making it all easy to access. Whether growing your contact list, creating procurement channels with vendors or maintaining ongoing sales Zoho CRM Contact Management software offers a “one stop” solution.

Contact Manager – Follow up Contact: Building relationships with clients means building trust and accountability. Knowing the details of previous communications with a client, be it by phone, email, meeting or website, makes that accountability possible for your business, allowing for follow up contacts and regular up-dating of valuable client resources.

What do I gain from Zoho CRM’s Contact Manager Software? To use client contact information to its fullest, you have to be able to access it in an easy and understandable manner that integrates client data with a management system that allows your sales force to focus on the customer’s experience. Zoho CRM’s Contact Manager Software provides you the perfect solution.

Your Benefits with Zoho CRM’s Contact Manager Software

  • A common database allows a single source for client data including past client contact records, open and closed cases, and sales activity.
  • The ability to establish and maintain a hierarchy of contacts allows you to prioritize future client contacts.
  • Import Wizard, Web Forms or Zoho CRM API all offer opportunities to add third party business application data to your growing client contact list.
  • Create assignment rules for client data that assigns contacts to specific sales individuals to insure a consistent experience for the client.
  • Customizing the tools your business needs is as easy as using a drag and drop customization wizard.
  • POP enabled email such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! are a snap to integrate with the Zoho Mail Add-on for CRM.
  • Outlook users can easily synchronize contacts, task and calendars with Zoho CRM using the Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Office makes mail merge and mailing labels a snap with up-to-date contact information.
  • Free Edition is available for 3 users with 100,000 records storage.

Contact Manager Software Features for Small Businesses

  • Web to Contact Forms
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Auto-responders
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Email Integration
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Microsoft Outlook Synchronization
  • Mail Merge Documents with Microsoft Office

**Features List with Additional Information Available at Zoho**

Another service for contact management in addition to ZOHO is Scrubly.

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