Small Business CRM: Zoho’s Role-based Security

ZOHO’s Role-based Security

zohoZoho CRM offers Role Based Security, an enterprise grade solution to set up and manage access rights and security for users of CRM data. Zoho CRM Role Based Security uses Profiles, Roles, Data Sharing Rules, Field-level security, and Groups to help determine the level of access for each user.

Key Features

  • Profiles: Allows the administrator to assign access rights to CRM modules, data administration tools, CRM records, and fields within each module.
  • Roles & Data Sharing Rules: Allows the administrator to set up multi-level access rights, based on a user’s role in the organization, or required level of access.
  • Groups: Allows the administrator to assign access rights to teams working on projects or workers with similar access requirements.
  • Profiles: Profiles allow for assigning rights to large groups, such as Sales, Marketing, Inventory, Support, or any division within an organization. Grouping units together allows for sectioning of access at a high level. As an example, Marketing may need access to CRM modules, but Inventory does not. Using Profiles, each group can have those permissions granted or denied without having to change each individual’s permissions.
  • Roles: Using job roles allows administrators to further specify permissions. A manager in marketing would need greater access than an intern. A market researcher would need more access than an intern, but less than a manager. Using Roles, administrators can create more layers of permissions that define access for each position in the organization.
  • Groups: Teams often include workers from several departments, and with differing job titles. Using Group level allows administrators to grant permissions to access necessary data without interfering with Role or Profile permissions. Assigning members to a team, and granting Group permissions allows for flexibility and improved communication and data-flow for the teams.

Zoho CRM Role Based Security gives organizations a powerful tool for data security and management. Using this powerful tool, an organization can revolutionize their data use while increasing their data security. From establishing access limits across departments to sharing data to enable high-performance teams, Zoho CRM Role Based Security brings a powerful set of tools to your organization and at a price any organization can afford.

Not only does ZOHO have security features but you are also able to Integrate Email with ZOHO!

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