How to Stay Positive & Productive -Chase Smith (Guest Author)

Staying Positive & Productive at Work

productiveWork is… well, work, and sometimes it’s not the most fun in the world. Sometimes you might feel bogged down by tedious activities or by a lack of recognition. Whatever the reason, here are a few tips you can use to keep yourself motivated, happy, and productive.

Be the Change:

It’s easy to go along with the crowd, and often the crowd at work is pretty negative. Studies show that people who frequently socialize with people who are unhappy or depressed often become unhappy or depressed themselves. Instead of getting caught up in the moaning and complaining, put a smile on and bring some positivity to the conversation. Are you enjoying a particular aspect of your work that day? Did you enjoy a success for which you can dole out credit and praise? Share it, and help the people around you be happier. This will cultivate a more positive environment, making it progressively easier for you to feel happy, too.

Take Your Breaks:

Although your boss might be impressed if you sit in your desk through lunch and never stop working, he might be less impressed when he sees the volume of work you’ve accomplished. Why not make him happy with the quality and amount of work you can pull off when you take your fifteen? Taking short, planned breaks boosts productivity and focus, and more than makes up for the five minutes you take to stretch your legs.

Engage in the Light-Hearted:

Sometimes the office doldrums are the worst part of a job. Everyone’s in their desks, silently plodding away in the corporate machine, and you can hear the water cooler running. Imagine how it would lighten the mood if you suddenly decided to lob a marshmallow over the cubicle wall. At worst, you’ll get a weird look and a chance to share your sunny disposition, which, truth be told, is infectious! When people see another person smile, it actually releases chemicals into their brain which make them feel happier. Plus, you get benefits, too-when you smile, your mind assumes that you must be happy, and so you feel happier, too. Backwards? It seems like it. But it works!

Organize Yourself:

There is nothing more stressful than scrambling for your presentation notes fifteen minutes before a meeting. Plus, you know that’s not the best way to climb the corporate ladder, either. Get a system: invest in or request a filing box, organize your virtual file folders, and keep your day planner up to date. Don’t ever be put in a position where you have to wonder if you have an appointment now or at three o’clock. Not only will being organized reduce your stress and improve your mood, it will increase your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend searching for things or trying to remember important events.

Keep Trying:

Regardless of what you do, there will be days when you fail. But don’t let that knowledge keep you from learning from your mistakes and persevering to overcome obstacles. Most companies don’t expect that their employees will never make mistakes; rather, they expect that their employees will learn from their errors. It is important that you accept what has happened and create a plan of action to do better in the future. Not only will this impress your boss, but the satisfaction of achieving a goal will lend you a good mood and improved confidence, which will help you feel more satisfied in your work and be more productive.

Overall, try to keep a positive attitude about your work. See the silver lining, smile, and make the best of whatever you’re given. Keep learning, and focus on your successes. The combination of all these things will make you a happy and productive person.

About the Author:

Chase Smith is a freelance consultant for personal productivity and blogger. focuses on a variety of ways to increase your productivity. Methods such as Pomorodo Technique, Results Curve combined with today’s mobile & cloud based applications.

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